c59-Ancients-photo-by-Monika-Hilleary.jpgFeral-Giclee-Art-Print-by-Artist-David-Fischel.jpgc80-Red-World-by-Ben-Wright.jpgc27-Orange-Poppies-Photograph-by-Sedona-Photographer-Jim-Peterson.jpgc58-Dory Boat at the Grand Canyon by Mary Lois Brown.jpgMoon Shadow Landscape by Jeff Nielson.jpgc59-DogDUO Giclee Art Print by Pop Artist Jan Sullivan.jpgc41-Mother-Pearl.jpgc47-Sycamore-Point-Lightning-by-Elias-Butler.jpgc49-Louis Armstrong Giclee Art Print by Jodi Whittaker.jpgc50-yavapai_silhouette by Mike Buccheit.jpgWinters-Children-by-Christine-DeSpain.jpgc26-Horses-by-Delmary.jpgc37-Cowboys-Cowboy-by-Tanner-Bryson.jpgc59-CENTURY-MANDALLA-by-Chris-Spheeris.jpgc26-Peace-by-Artist David-Fischel.jpgc61-Blue Poppy.jpgc18-Bluebird-Over-Old-Time-Garden-by-Savilla.jpgc36-How-Starfish-are-Born-by-Pamela-Becker.jpgc28-Medicine-Man-by-George-Miraval.jpg

Online Art

We have a large variety of art prints for sale from artists around the world including Sedona, Arizona – one of the leading modern art gallery communities.  Art styles include Contemporary Art, Modern Art, Pop Art, Southwestern Art, Photography prints and Landscapes to name a few.  Our amazing selection of art for sale consists of giclee prints available on canvas and fine art paper. In addition to the print sizes on our shopping cart, all prints can be ordered in custom sizes by calling us at 928-282-4708. Prints ordered on canvas online come unstretched, however stretched canvas paintings are also available on request.  Shop for Art today!

Market Your Artwork

If you are interested in selling artwork on our website, we are always looking for new art.  It is free to be on our online gallery, however the only requirement is that you do your printing with us at Sedona Giclee Studios.  It is our goal to not only produce the highest quality prints for our artists, but also to help the artists market their work by offering an amazing art website.

Other Services

Sedona Giclee Studios provides various other services, including: Greeting Cards, Business Cards, Rack Cards and Brochures.